The Schmack group of companies

The activities of the Schmack family have given rise to several companies during the last 20 years. In 2000, Grupo Schmack Inmobiliarias e Inversiones S.L. was formed, with headquarters in Barcelona, as a subsidiary of Ferdinand Schmack jun. GmbH, established in Regensburg.

These companies have three main activities: real estate, renewable energy and financial investments. The supply of services is the main core of these three business sectors, although the group of companies can do whatever is necessary for a project.

In the real estate sector, the Schmack Group specialises in the construction and rehabilitation of dwellings designed to measure in urban areas, as well as industrial and business construction. In this field, our offer comprises all the necessary activities from the project to the sale or letting, and even includes administration.
Our group of companies deals with promotion and preserving the value of the real estate in the long term, with maximum demand for quality.

The renewable energy sector is centred on the planning, projection, construction and management of biogas plants and wind farms, as well as the issue of exclusive funds for private and institutional investors. In this field, the market extends from Central and Eastern Europe to Japan, including the USA, with Germany being the main field of action.
The Schmack Group, with its regional and local offices, wishes to offer national and international institutional investors an exclusive service of total confidence. Our objective is to guarantee the maximum security for our clients in making their financial investments in three principal sectors: real estate, renewable energy and investment funds.

Naturally, in addition to the traditional and methodical intermediation, we also make available to our clients the networks of commercial contacts which we have created and extended through the years.